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Welcome to all visitors of this site for Lambda Chi Alpha at Shippensburg University. Some of you may already be in Greek Life, are curious about Greek Life, or maybe you are just visiting. Congrats to those of you in Greek Life who have already started on the path with a brotherhood/sisterhood. For those of you who are curious about Greek Life I have but one question…What is holding you back? I can speak from first hand experience and knowledge that I never wanted to join any greek organization. I was a part of the naysayers that believed the stereotypes of the greek system: you pay for friends, every organization hazes, joining won’t help you in the long run, etc. If you subscribe to any of these or other stereotypes then please continue reading.

When I first came to college I had a sense of what I wanted to do and as each year went by I became more and more involved with other organizations on campus on top of school and work. During my Junior year at Ship I was approached by two recruiters from the Lambda Chi Alpha Nationals Headquarters, Michael and Anthony. I first met with Anthony who contacted me from a referral that was given by my current Advisor for the Programming board on campus. I was hesitant to meet with him at first but figured I would go to at least see what he had to say. He explained the statistics for the Fraternity, what it is known for, and why I should join. I was intrigued with what he had to say because joining the Fraternity at that moment meant that I had the opportunity to work with other guys on campus to build anĀ organization that is above the fray and truly stands for scholarship, philanthropy, and brotherhood. I took a few days to think about it, what it would mean for me, could I financially afford it, etc. After I few days I went back to Anthony, met Michael, and I officially accepted my bid to become a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha. Accepting my bid was one of the greatest things I have done throughout my college career.

The stereotypes of Greek life that are portrayed through the media are, I think, the reasons that persuaded me away from Greek life when I first went to college. Even after I joined and I told people that I joined a greek organization I got a weird look from them and their first question was: “Do you haze?” Even those that knew me for years and knew that I would never join any organization that even was rumored to haze still posed the question to me. I responded by saying that Lambda Chi did not haze and that hazing is an unfair stereotype of the greek system and its organization. These stereotypes are unfair because they are based rumors and possible incidences of the past. Even today with all the good actions fraternities and sororities have done the media still only highlights those incidences that are brought about by one or two members. Those actions do not represent the organization. It is hurtful to see those reports because I do hold my fraternity in such high regard. When I first accepted my bid I flat out asked Michael, one of the recruiters, if they hazed. He laughed and responded saying that Lambda Chi abolished hazing in 1972. I smiled and said good. He responded by saying “I guess that is very important in your decision.” I responded by saying that it was and that if I showed upĀ to any event or initiation and there was any form of hazing that I had no problem stopping the whole thing and simply walk out and expose what was going on. It was true. Hazing was a huge deal for me and I was not going to be a part of any organization that participated in any part of any hazing activity.

Lambda Chi Alpha makes the academics of its members the organizations number one priority. In order to join and stay a member of Lambda Chi you must maintain a 2.5 GPA. To some this may seem high considering the average GPA needed for a Greek organization on Ship’s is a 2.0. The reason that LCA GPA is 2.5 is because we look for men that not only involved on campus and have good character and morals but that they also care about their academics, which is why you would come to college in the first place. In an effort to help out our fellow brothers we actively check the grades each semester to make sure each brother is keeping up their grades. We also have a mentoring program where brothers can act as mentors for other brothers and help them keep up with their academics. I really enjoyed hearing this when I joined. I’ll be the first to admit that all 4 years of my college experience I put my job and the organizations I was a part of ahead of my academics. It was nice knowing that I was still accepted and that I had my brothers around me to help me if I ever needed it and that they were always encouraging me to be the best version of myself.

I was in your shoes as an undergraduate. I didn’t think I would enjoy being a part of a Greek organization or that I didn’t want to be a part of one because I didn’t want to be a part of the stereotypes. Boy was I wrong. As I said before I would not change my decision to join Lambda Chi for anything. I am a proud brother and love other brothers. Even though I graduated in May it is still nice to visit campus and meet up with the current brothers, catch up, and also meet the new members. I love that tagline that the International Fraternity goes by which is “a true lifetime of brotherhood.” That could not be anymore true. If you are looking for an organizations that truly cares about its members, that cares about your academics and your future, and will help you learn more about yourself as you grow into a professional once you leave college then Lambda Chi Alpha is the Fraternity for you. Check us out at one of our events and meet some of the brothers and see for yourself why Lambda Chi Alpha is the best choice for you in a Fraternity.


Tyler Graham

Founding Father, Shippensburg University Phi Tau Zeta ’15

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