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Outstanding BrothersWe pride ourselves in highlighting our outstanding brothers and all the great work they do for the fraternity and for Shippensburg's campus.


Gregory FryPresident

Greg is a Senior at Ship that has since stepped up to become our High Alpha (President) and High Rho (Alumni Development Chair). Outside of the brotherhood he is involved in the Criminal Justice Club and is employees by the Housing and Residence Life Office on campus as a Desk Assistant.

Kevin WeeksRecruitment Chair

Kevin is a Sophomore at Ship. Since joining last year he has stepped up to assume the positions of High Delta (Recruitment) and High Kappa (Fraternity Educator). He is a part of the University Concert Choir and the Shippensburg University Madrigals. Kevin is also a Desk Assistant as well as being a member of the MIS Club and Billiards Club.

Tyler AllenRitualist

Tyler is a Junior at Ship. He holds our High Beta (Internal Vice President), High Gamma (Secretary), High Iota (Risk Management), and High Sigma (Scholastic Chair) positions. Tyler is a very active student both with academics and outside organizations. He is also involved with the Student Admissions Team as the President and is also a part of the campus Concert Choir.

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